An Architecture competition initiated by ICARCH titled HOUSE FOR DAVID BOWIE, the aim is to challenges all the professional (architect,designer,artist etc) to en-visioning “The House”. It’s not just the word “house” but in the most generic almost archetypal way to telling a story behind it.

Based on that brief, Djehovan and his partner Meirifna develop a story adapted from the last album of David Bowie titled BLACKSTAR. An alterego of the rock legend, the way he saw every moments then turning  it into his last masterpiece. It’s about soul, honour and mortality. This story deliberately showing the main character (Alice) who actually a metaphor of every wild imagination of Bowie’s thought.




With panting I dared myself to open my eyes. As I suspected, I was in a strange place and so creepy. All i remember is just a letter that suddenly suck and bring me up here. This world didn’t seem like Wonderland that I’ve known, it’s really different. The most that caught my attention was the Black Sun that shines this place.


“Alice…Alice… is that you ?”, I heard a voice that called my name

“Yes, it’s Alice. Who are you ?” asked me

“Alice, where have you been all this time ?”

The voice was increasingly clear, I’m trying to figure out where was it came from. And from a distance I saw something sparkling

[ Footstep sound effect ]

Evidently, that sparkling things was a reflection of a helmet glasses of an Ancient Astronaut that lying on the rocks. I approached him, perhaps he could explain to me about this strange world.

“Hello, what are you doing here ?” asked me

“Sorry, I want to ask you something” asked me again

Well, maybe he didn’t hear my voice because of his helmet. And then i braced myself to open it.

“Oh my God…!” I was shocked

The head of this guy has disappeared, vaguely I saw skeletons behind his uniform.


[ Footstep sound effect ]

“Who’s there ?” asked me flatly

Suddenly I felt something hit my head hardly.

[ Sound effect of a blunt impact ]

I began unconscious. Right before my eyes closed, vaguely I saw someone who dressed like a woman and has a very long tail.

“Wake up Alice, wake up !”

That strange voice came back again. My body couldn’t move. Evidently when I opened my eyes, my body had been tied tightly.

“You’re awake. The prophecy was true, that someone will come to save all of us from this damn cursed”

“Curse ? what kind of curse do you mean ? I don’t understand what you’re talking about” answered me

“A curse that we suffer for all this time, a Curse of Immortality”

“What ?? and who are you ? where am I ?” asked me nervously

“Calm down. I’m Lady Ormen, a leader of the Ormen Clan. What’s your name young lady ?”

“Alice…Alice D. Robert jones” answered me

“Alice, the only way to get out from here is you have to help us or you will stick in here forever. You choose !”

“I’ll help you, but please remove this bond and explain what is going on here” asked me flatly


“Alright, this all started from someone presence. he name himself as Ziggy, someone who dressed weird and striking. The beginning of his presence didn’t give us any negative effects. But one day he felt in love with someone from our clan. She is Hermione farthingale. Their love story ended tragically. Ziggy finally despaired, he was looking for a force to control this world and challenge his own mortality. That rumor has it that there was an Ancient Astronaut with a head filled by jewelries, he may grant any wish. So Ziggy came to the Ancient Astronaut and took his skull”

“So, the bodies that I found were the bodies of the Ancient Astronaut that you mean ?” asked me curiously


“Correct ! Ziggy change since that time. Start from how he dressed up and his behavior changed drastically. Sometimes he did odd rituals, since that time it’s atrocities began. Ziggy took over our minds and made us to be his slaves. The Ormen Slaves signed by the fabric which wrapped around the head so that it covered their eyes”

“So how about you ?” asked me

“We successfully escape from him and hidding here. Just with this Solitary Candle, our presence can be disguise from Ziggy. This candle nearly depleted. So, our opportunity is getting narrower”



“Actually, for what it’s slaves work ?” asked me curiously

“Ziggy create a Black Sun that made people here expose to the Curse of immortality. Instead of it, The Black Sun needs sacrifice of souls as the power source. our clan who have been victimized were nothing more than just Ziggy’s puppet with empty souls because snatched away by The Black Sun”

“Tell me how to help you ?” asked me


“Well, hmm. Alice, go to the South end of this world. You’ll find a place that’s called Relics Of Armarium, one of the wardrobe saved the skull of the Ancient Astronaut. Bring that skull to the Temple Of The Black Sun, a place where The ormen Slaves sacrifice their soul for The Black Sun. We will wait you there. But before you reach Relics Of Armarium, you have to through The Labyrinth Of Doldrums. be careful Alice. If you careless, you will stuck in there forever”

“I will take that skull and end of this cruel” answered me firmly

I started to hurry to the South and looking for the skull. After a while, I finally found the door to get into the labyrinth. This labyrinth is very huge with a towering wall.

“Alice…Alice…”, that strange voice came again

I felt like something move in my pocket, I grope it and found a key that could speak

“Alice, you finally found me !”

So, all this time that strange voice I’ve heard came from this key

“Who are you ?” asked me

“I’m The Key Of Infinity, a key that could open anything. Let me help you through this labyrinth”

“But why would you help me ?” I responded

“I don’t need to answer, you will understand later. But before that, I want to tell you something”

“What’s that mr.Key ?” asked me

“Alice, do not believe in any creature you meet in this world because they want to use you for their own sake. Include women who you met earlier”

“What…!? how come ?” asked me

“Come on, you ask too much. Let’s hurry pass this Labyrinth Of Doldrums. You have to follow my guidelines that i gave to you because in this labyrinth, there are many dangerous traps”

[ Crows sound effects ]

[ Mysterious screams sound effects ]

When I’m in the labyrinth, I heard someone scream and I saw a group of crows that fly

“What sounds is that mr.Key ?” asked me

“Don’t be panic. It’s the voice of Scarecrow. He is a Slaughterer, if there are people who oppose Ziggy, he assigned to judge”


I accelerate my footsteps and hope that Scarecrow will not find me

“Keep calm Alice, Scarecrow is in the Death Valley, located east side of this world. Now he assigned to taje care of where the Crucifixion Ritual”

“What is Crucifixion Ritual ?” asked me

“A ritual that create by Ziggy to judge those who oppose it, it is cruel that i can’t imagine”



After I’m following all the direction of the Key, it’s true I can easily pass through the Labyrinth and arrived to the Relics Of Armarium

“What do we do now mr.Key ?” asked me

“Alice, to find the wardrobe that save the skull, you have to look for a wardrobe with Blackstar symbol at the door and it’s written Lazarus”

I started my search at the Relics Of Armarium, there are many wardrobe with different writing on it. I’m curious with every side of the wardrobe. While I was searching, I found a wardrobe with the inscription Alice.

“Oh my God, there is my name here !”, because I was curious so I opened it

[ Sound effect of friction door ]

I was totally surprised, I saw a body but the head is gone. Ans she wore the same clothes with me.

“What is this ??”

[ Awful sound effects ]

“This is nothing Alice, go hurry find the wardrobe with inscription Lazarus”

Right behind Alice’s wardrobe, I found wardrobe with Lazarus inscription and Blackstar symbol

“This wardrobe can’t be opened. It had been locked”

“Alice, use me to open it”

[ Sound effects of friction door ]

I saw the skull, it encrusted with gold and diamonds that’s very shiny. I took the skull and put into my bag and I go to the center of this world where Temple Of The Black Sun located. During the journey, I felt the evil aura inside of this bag. My heart can’t stop beating fast.

“Alice, at the end of this road is Temple Of The Black Sun. i told you do not believe to everything you saw and heard. You have to make decision based on your intuition. I just can drop you here”

“What do you mean mr.Key ?” asked me


Suddenly the Key had been turned into dust which eventually lost buffeted by winds. Right down the road, I see Temple Of The Black Sun. shaped valley but resembling towers. The balck Sun looks very huge from here.

“Alice, you finally come. Come here, we have to finish what we have started”

Me and The Ormen Clan go to the valley where the souls of Ormen Slaves snatched away by The Black Sun. I saw the horrible terrifying moments, many people moaning in pain along the side of the valley and their organ was not complete.

“ALice, we have arrived at the center of this temple. Now your duties has been completed. Come on give the skull to us”

Immediately I became doubtful, what happened if the Ormen Clan take control of this force ?

“What are you doing Alice ? come on, give it to us !”

I rushed out of the valley, my conscience told me that I should stay away from that place. I kept running and finally got somewhere. I saw a castle on a hilltop, maybe I should go there to hiding from The Ormen Clan.

[ Sound effect of footsteps ]


I’ve reached the top of this hill, very quiet here. Just for a moment I’m here, my neck hairs stand all. I felt the evil aura around here.

“Finally you come. I’ve been waiting you for a long time and welcome to the Ailse Abhaile !”

I heard that voice right from the throne. It’s true, it comes from someone who sits up there

“Who are you ?” asked me curiously

I saw someone who has a Black wings and wear a Black suit also his eyes covered by a fabric. And the aura that he radiated was very cold.

“Are you the person who called yourself Ziggy ??”

“Absolutely, what’s your purpose of coming here ? And I felt the presence of the skull that had been lost. Come on, give it to me !”


“I come to stop all of this cruelty in here !” I responded

“Hahahaha… Do you dare to against me ? You have to know that the force stored in the skull, there is unlimited and I’m the only one who can control it !”

[ Magical sound effects ]

Suddenly Key Of Infinity appeared right in front of me

“Hello Alice, we meet again”

“Hello mr.Key, how did you get here ?” asked me

“Don’t ask many question, come on entered me into the keyhole which on the back of the skull. You can control the force for a while, Alice”

[ Dramatize sound effects ]

Mysteriously, the skull gave the force to me. I felt my pulse flowing in each of the limitless power

“Ziggy ! Your story ends up here. face your doom !” challenged me firmly

With the help of the force from the skull, I destroy The black Sun that has been the source energy of Ziggy

[ Blast sound effects ]


“Hahaha… That prophecy was true. I’m ready to face my mortality. And thank you Alice, you replace my position as scapegoat to the curse of the skull”

“What do yoy mean Ziggy ?” I responded

“You will understand later Alice”

Ziggy slowly began to ripen and become corpse were eventually lost along with the wind gusts. The curse in this world has gone. Everybody who curses has finally returned their consciousness.

“Alice, release me from this skull. Ziggy has gone and the world is back to normal”

“back to normal mr.Key ?? I don’t think so. I want this world to be what I want because I’m the great I am” I responded

“What do you mean Alice ?”

“As long as I held the skull and key, I can control this force isn’t it ??” I replied

So I transfer all the force of the skull into my head so that no one can take this force away from me

“Alice, you are so shortsighted ! Your mind is very narrow ! You’re not different from Ziggy and The Ormen Clan

“Hahaha, you have to know mr.Key. In the real world, I’m the one that failed and shunned by everyone. They underestimate me. Now I will avenge them !” I replied

“Alice, you will receive the curse ! heed my words !”

The skull and the Key has gone and changed into dust, along with all the force of the skull that has moved to my head. but overtime my head was not able to accommodate all of this force. My skin slowly begin to dry and peel.

“Arghh… What happened to me ??” I shouted very loud

Along with that I was hallucinating terrifically, I saw the horrific moments that have been done by Ziggy and The Ancient Astronaut who have died. I couldn’t hold all of this, and then I took the knife that was lying right next to the throne of Ziggy. On the handle of the knife written Bowie.

[ Sound effect of knife that pierce a skin ]

Slowly my blood began to pour, I lay my body to the throne because it could not withstand the load of my own body. The prophecy is true, I’m the choosen one that will replace all of that damn curse. Before my eyes closed, vaguely I see hordes of The Ormen Clan. They fought to take my skull head. They kill each other in order to get this apparent force.

They do not know the curse behind this force. It’s ironic. Slowly my eyes closed and then all become dark, but I saw a light. White and shining, the light was turned out to be a figure of a person. He took my hand and whispers something,

“There’s a terror in knowing what the world is about”

The end




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