An Architecture competition intiated by BLANK SPACE titled FAIRYTALE 2015, the aim is to challenges creatives from all proffesional realms to develop visionary, narrative-based design proposal. The competition is an extension of BLANKSPACE‘s mission to uncover the true power of architecture by creating new opportunities for design to engage the public in the most unconventional way.

Based on that brief, Djehovan and his partner Meirifna create sci-fi story titled “HOPE”, a story that reflect the future when earth was too old to be occupied. There is gap between the educated and the slaves, both of them has the same anxiety that until when the earth will survive ?



Booooom!!!” I heard a hard horrifying blast. I couldn’t heard anything for a few seconds but I didn’t stop my step, my sister hold my hand firmly while we were running fast. We heard an announcement “Attention, to all H-0-Pe citizen, please get in the nearest Mobitat (mobile habitat)” that announcement is from a public loud speaker. The citizen hurriedly got in the Mobitat, many citizen fell of because of hard shaking earthquake. Finally we saw the Mobitat, my sister start slowing down her step at once, it seems that she was doubt to get in it. I’m pretty sure it happened because she saw the crowded, my sister is agoraphobia. “It’s your choice, you choose to against your fear or follow your fear and our struggle will cause nothing and we will die!” She took my hand confidently to get in the Mobitat “I will not die here, let’s go!” she said.

When we arrived inside, we felt a little bit safe, this Mobitat was designed to face the disaster which created by Above city people. They were much different than Below city citizen, they was very modern while Below city was poor and slum. Most of the below city people were blue-collar worker of uranium company which owned by Above citizen.


I saw the others Mobitat already took off. After that the gate was closed and the announcement heard “Attention to all citizen please get ready because we’re ready to go”. “Let’s find the better place, I want to get out from this crowded” she said. Then we directly looked for another place.

This Mobitat is  huge, I don’t know where to go” she said.

Yes it is, and futuristic, is the building in Above city quite similar with this Mobitat? So different with our

Maybe, we’ll see

 “Look, there is a door” she said. We immediately entered in. I peeped out through the window, this world is totally messed up. “These pillars are very high, how high is it? Why I still can’t see the Above city” I asked. “It was located far above” she replied. They made the Above city because the earth is very uninhabitable, due to the exceptional  drought which certainly caused by human that made the ground unstable and frequent landslides. So, there are people who create the Above city which no longer depended on the land of the earth like us. “Finally, we see it” my sister said. A city  that I have never imagine.

Booooom!!” I heard a very hard sound that heard like a blast, and I was bounced from my place and the Mobitat was suddenly tilted. Suddenly I heard a sound like friction “Krrrrrrrrrrrkkkkk” that sound really scared me. We looked into the window, evidently it’s the main side of this Mobitat was rubbed by one of the building from Above city. Soon after that this Mobitat was falling and spinning without direction. “Hold this table leg tightly! this table is embedded!”she said. All objects in this room fell down, but we took shelter under the table in order not to be affected by the ruins above. “Boooom!” this Mobitat bumped very terrible, we were bounced and my head hit something hard, I sat for a few seconds to wait my headache to be all right then I saw my sister, her hand was bleeding “Your hands bleeding, are you ok?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m fine something fell on my hand. Oh my god, Your head bleed, are you ok?” she asked.

Don’t worry it’s ok” I responded.

I didn’t tell her that I felt bad and my sight became blurred and dizzy. “Your head is quite a lot of blood. Here, press your wound with this” her command to me while giving me a scarf that she had worn.


This shake had stopped, so we decided to get out of this room. We immediately  went down the aisle which we had passed before. We were very surprised. “What happened?!” I asked with confusingly feeling. “Possibly due to the blast before, it looks like the explosion occurred in the main hall” she said. Everything seems to have been burned and everyone died. After that we heard sirens sound and there is announcement from the loudspeaker “To all passengers, are there any survivors? please respond us through this communication device“, my sister immediately press a button and speak “Yes, there are survivors, it was my brother and I ! please, help us” replied my sister. After e few minutes finally we got an answer.

Response accepted, how many survivors there?” asked them.

I think only my little brother and me, the main hall has been totally destroyed” she responded.

Ok, we are going to help you. But we need  to find out your location because we lost it, it possibly the signal sender has been damaged because of the fatal accident

So, What should we do?

The only way is that you have to press the red emergency button in the control room which is located on the top floor. It would send a signal immediately to the support center and we can find your location

Soon after that we kept on looking for the control room, actually we didn’t know where to start from. We continued to walk down the aisle. I wiped my blood again I felt my body is getting weak and dizzy.


Please have a look! there’s a stair, come on!” she said. So we ran to the stair, it’s not good condition. It’s a little bit broken but we kept try to climb it until the edge of stair. “We should jump” and she retreated down the stairs to square off, then she ran and jumped at the last stair. “Aaaaa!” she screamed, but she succeeded.”Come, hurry up it’s your turn” she said. I just stood here in the last rung to gather my courage. “On count of three you have to jump 1, 2, 3!” but I kept stood right here.  I’m not convinced, I saw to my sister, I was very surprised. “Look at behind you” I said haltingly. I saw someone behind my sister. She looked back and she asked “What’s behind me?” eventually without thinking again I immediately jumped out because I felt so freaking out “Aaaa!” I yelled and I barely up, but  luckyI was, because there was my sister who helped to pull me up but I felt there was someone holding my ankle from below. So I quickly lifted my legs up and I was curious to look down, but there was nothing. We continue to climb the stair and soon we realized that the part of the stair is lost due to crumble, but this is more devastated than before.  “We have to find another way” she said, and I looked around suddenly  I saw there were pipes such as plumbing near us. “Maybe we can use that pipes” answered me. “Yeah, I also think that way” She said. “Follow me” So I followed her steps, it was difficult because of the space between the pipes are far enough and also slippery. Finally, we arrived at the top and we kept going until the end of the floor and we saw a big hole, something was missing in here. All we saw was the rest of the panel that looks like it had been burned and the room seems affected by the explosion. “Where is the control room?” I asked. “I don’t know. It should be over here”, “So?”, “The control room must be destroyed by the blast that also destroyed the main hall” my sister said. Our hope was lost. My sister stare at me and looked discouraged. I started to felt so weak and cold, so I’m lying on the floor.


Oh my god, You look so pale ! you need a help”, “I am all right sister” I answered weakly this time I felt very weak. “No, you can be bleeding out your blood can be run out, I have to look for some help. No matter how!” And suddenly everything became dark, the power source was dead, because there was no power on the Photovoltaic system. My body is getting limp and began to feel  very cold “You are shivering, use my coat” she shed tears in her eyes, then she opened her coat to envelope me. “Don’t be sad, Helena”. “No, no… please, hold on, I will looking for a help. I will find a way” she said while crying. I know I wouldn’t survive, I could feel it because my  body is getting worst and I’m getting chills. There is only one hope in my last prayer to God, it is that my sister could survive from here, and earn a decent living like our dream that could  live in Above city. I want her to make our dream come true. I love you so much Helena I will see you in another life.

to be continued,



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