A Competition initiated by LEXUS, titled LEXUS DESIGN AWARDS. Competition that challenges designers from across the world to solve pertinent issues through design and the 2016 theme was “Anticipation”


Lately, most people forget about the existence of afterlife. The decline of morality nowadays can be seen from the increasing crime and corruption cases in the whole entire world, it shows that people are starting to not care and forget about morals and also afterlife. As time goes on, people will be familiar with the bad things they do, start from the small things until the big things. Apathy to others leads us into being anti-social. there is no point in having a handsome physique if deep down inside our hearts we are not care to one another. When we die, beauty and wealth will not accompany us but let actions will lead us into afterlife.

Based on the problem above, the moral society should be changed by train their attitude start from the small things like in their daily life, so Djehovan find the idea to anticipate the decline of morality. ARDAYA is a wearable accessories to remind us of deeds which we have done, whether good or bad deeds  that can be worn by both men and women regardless of age.


ARDAYA way of working is very simple:

  1. Put ARDAYA on your necklaces or bracelets.
  2. Connect ARDAYA with your gadgets by installing ARDAYA applications that provided
  3. Select color and lights duration based on good deeds or bad.
  4. Every time you do something good or bad, you have to input into ARDAYA application which in your gadget.
  5. ARDAYA will always remind you about your actions in a single day, ARDAYA will light up according to the deeds that you have done.



ARDAYA will trigger us to do good things, and can be used to teach our children about moral and immoral . The more they do good thing then ARDAYA lights will be brighter. Very appropriate for educate children in order to do good and care for one another. ARDAYA future applications will work with third parties to provide rewards to ARDAYA users  who active using ARDAYA application.

ARDAYA simply a tool to remind our actions in order to anticipate the decline of morality. Conscience and deeds are the main things that define us that we will be a good or bad guy.




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