An Architecture Competition initiated by d3 titled HOUSING TOMORROW 2014 the aim is to collectively explore housing accross scalar and disciplinary boundaries.

From that brief, Djehovan design an SWARGA. A Modular survival for mankind to face the apocalypse.


phase1a - Copy

Jakarta is a city with the highest population in Indonesia. Jakarta’s population in 2014 is reaching 28 million with only 661,52 kmarea. Green land for food production has been depleted by skyscrapers. These conditions cause many problems such as rivers contaminated by sewage and poor air quality due to the amount of fumes. According to the survey, every year the city has decreased land of 5 mm and in the year 2950 Indonesian region will sink as a result of soil degradation and global warming. In addition, Indonesian region often hit by earthquakes as included in the Ring of fire area. Eventually, an active volcano will connect with each other, causing a massive earthquake. There is a sentence quoted from ancient literature that reads ” When the earth is submerged by water, while the green land for food production has been exhausted and when the Earth’s plates shift due to the extreme earthquake reaction. That was the day of Apocalypse will appear “.

Apocalypse is also called earth reborn process is a process in which the earth detoxify toxins (waste that is made by man). Divided into three phases:

1. Apocalypse (the stage where all the disaster occurred).

2. Transition (stages earth reshaping, conditions began to stabilize. At this stage of the condition of the earth completely submerged by water).

3. Post-Apocalypse (Earth stages completed detoxification . The earth will be formed again and ready to live).

phase2 rev - Copy

SWARGA is a modular survival for mankind when the apocalypse comes up through a period of transition and post-apocalypse. SWARGA word is taken from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “a beautiful place designated” represents the journey to a beautiful place to go through various trials, leading us to remain friendly and keep the natural. SWARGA shaped modular housing units that can produce electrical energy independently and equipped with supporting features that have multiple functions.

SWARGA divided into three zones based on its way of life, each has an important role as well as connect with each other.

rev xx - Copy

1. In the sky (has a duty to browse and search for new land and to monitor weather).

2. Under the water (has the task of monitoring the earth’s shifting plates are used as a reference for determining the point of the formation of new land).

3. Above the water (as a watchtower and a communication link between the units in the sky and under the water).


sky system - Copy

SWARGA has 3 stages in the face of Apocalypse.

1. The first phase (apocalypse), a condition in which the human race to save themselves from the danger of volcanic eruptions and floods into the modular manner SWARGA then flew to avoid danger.

2. Second phase (transition), will be divided into 3 zones SWARGA by function (in the sky, above the water and under the water) During this phase of the human race will survive to seek new lands.

3. The third phase (post-apocalypse), after the earth is finished forming new land, the unit will come together and continue swarga their survival and to start a new civilization.

underrrwater - Copy

underwater system - Copy



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