An Architecture competition initiated by RUUKI, the aim is to design an unique, inspiring and innovative solution for Mr. Santa Claus logistics center. A conviction that the general quality of our living and  working environment could be drastically improved by rethinking our approach to the architecture of mundane buildings.



Based on that design brief, Djehovan create design approach for the logistic center. It’s called “END JOY”, a concept for logistic center that combine speed, social interaction, technology and entertainment from beginning until the end (arrived in this logistic center until leaving).



There are 4 main keywords for the design approach, they are :

  1. Speed
    • Place and Go ; circulation concept of raw material and processed into finished goods and then distributed through container truck
  2. Social Interaction
    • Sky Restaurant ; this where visitors and employee can interact each other
    • Tour De Factory ; this tour using ramp from ground floor to the top floor. Visitors can see the process of production to delivery. There is gallery that visitor can see the history and personal collection of Santa Claus
    • Gospel Amphitheater ; used as stage for music and art live performances
    • The Happiest Sliding ; slide that can be used by visitors and employee while their hearts were in trouble. Slide that change your mood from sad to happy
  3. Entertainment
    • The Labyrinth Maze ; place where visitors can play and looking for hideen prizes inside the maze
    • Flowrnade (Flower-Promenade) ; there is a sitting group and pedestrian path in this area. On the right and left side planted flower from Finland as a representation of local flora
    • Santa Hug Stage ; an area made for visitors who want to embrace Santa Claus and tell them wishes. Santa Claus would sit and hug everyone who comes
    • Garden of Heaven Lobby ; a flower garden, each of them is taken from certain countries that represent every continent in the world
  4. Technology
    • Plant Produce Electricity ; on the roof top used as a planting media for plants or vegetables to provide daily needs also produce an electrical energy from photosynthesis process
    • Liquid Photovoltaic ; every glass on this building has special system called Liquid Photovoltaic, this panel harvest sunlight and convert it into electricity
    • Algae Bollard System ;  bollard which used as a barrier between roads and pedestrian path combined with microalgae technology that can absorb carbon dioxide and change it into natural light






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