An Architecture competition initiated by Albania ministry (Europe), the aim is to envisioning city square of TIRANA.



From past 3 decades, the building typologies of Tirana Pyramid has changed ( from communism era to global era ). Nowadays, the glory and character of Tirana Pyramid has fallen. From several building typologies that has been applied, there’s none of them that combining human activities with nature ecosystem. Therefore it’s necessary to the building typlogies to have a symbiotic mutualism with surrounding environment and nature ecosystem. And also has to be easily access by various people ( old-young, man-woman ). Tirana Pyramid need building typologies concept which reflect Tirana in the future, sustainable and green.




Based on that issue, Djehovan create a concept design titled “THE MARINGI URIP”, is a zoo that has a concept as city park and public space for citizens of Tirana or tourist. The words “Maringi Urip” taken from the javanesse ancient phrase which means “Giving a second life / give positive effect”. Not only used as a zoo but also can independently produce electricity through the process of plant’s¬†photosynthesis and harvest the sunlight by liquid photovoltaic panel. It’s clean and sustainable.


Inside the building, visitors can interact with the animals from any parts of the world. Outside the building, visitors can enjoy the slide pool, sensory garden, museum, cafe and sky corridor that used for seeing the beautiful skyline of entire Tirana city.


d - Copy



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