An Architecture competition initiated by IAI Jakarta and Central Maluku city government, the aim is to design BAILEO, a traditional house from Maluku. And the goal is to harmonize between modern and local characteristics of Indonesian culture into complex architectural style.



There are many issue on the existing site, they are :

  1. Earthquake, the site located around in Ring Of Fire area and huge earthquake occurs every 2 years
  2. Local Material, Maluku island is one of the Rattan producer in Indonesia
  3. Energy Resources, the necessity of renewable natural resources to minimize the use of electricity energy from outside island of Maluku
  4. Water and Waste Management, the ability to treat water and waste in order to minimize the used of clean water and reduce land degradation due to trash
  5. Public space, the need of multifunctional public open space to support the activities of people



Based on that issue, Djehovan create a design approach. They are :

  1. Mass Damper Structure, using mass damper structure to reduce and anticipate the impact of an earthquake
  2. Rattan Fiber, using combination of rattan and resin to replace fiberglass material. it’s more ecofriendly
  3. Plants Produce Electricity, using energy from photosynthesis process of plants and convert it into electricity energy to support the daily operational of electricity
  4. Photovoltaic Panel, convert sunlight into electricity energy with photovoltaic panel to support the daily needs of an electricity
  5. Bio Energy Gas, using biogas system to support the daily needs of gas for cooking etc.
  6. Rainwater Harvesting, create water catchment area and process the rainwater to supply the daily need of clean water
  7. Amphitheater, create an open public space that can be used as amphitheater for performing the local event
  8. Bird and Deer Sanctuary, create a sanctuary for animal ( deer and kakatua Raja* ,local fauna of Maluku ) so they can live naturally




Based on that design approach, Djehovan create a concept design that combine between issue and local characteristics of social living in Maluku, it called ALE RASA BETA RASA

This concept took an important role to integrate the different religions and ethnics in a solid social life. When these concepts blend into architectural side along with the local culture, it would generate a new architectural form which is close to the harmony between space and local characteristic. Creating a symbiotic mutualism with the environment ( Sustainable design )




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