An Architecture competition initiated by IAI Jakarta and BLUESCOPE Indonesia, the aim  is to design an integrated TOD MRT Station in Lebak Bulus, Jakarta.

stasiun 2


stasiun 3

There are many issue on the existing site, they are :

  1. Traffic Jam, happened on Lebak bulus road every morning and evening (working hours) plus when the bus waiting at the side road it caused heavy traffic jam
  2. Flood, the waterlogging on the main road due to heavy rain it’s about 30 – 50 cm
  3. Air Pollution, 57% jakartans suffering from respiratory infections and pneumonia because of air pollutions and every years the pollutions increase up to 3 times
  4. Stress, the conditions in Jakarta triggers Jakartans to easily affected by stress also affect on the quality of their life



stasiun 1

Based on that issues, Djehovan create design approach to solve the problems in the site. They are :

  1. 3 in 1, combine 3 way of transportation (Busway, MRT and public bus) into a single and compact design
  2. Alternative Route, create an alternative way specially for public transportation and private car which are heading to the station
  3. Multipay Card, use one transaction tool that can be used for pay the public transportation and also can be top up
  4. Deep Tunnel, create an underground tunnel that are used to vehicles for passing by. When the flood comes, tunnel changed into temporary drainage
  5. Watersheds and Rainwater harvesting, create watersheds and collecting rainwater for watering the plants ,toilet flushing etc
  6. Open Green Spaces, add more trees and create open green space that can be used for passenger activity while they’re waiting
  7. Water Spray Gas and Algae Bollard, place a water spray gas and Algae Bollard to tied up carbon dioxide on the public space
  8. One Stop Solution, create a supporting area that has a various facility from daily needs until health services so the passenger can save their time
  9. Sun light harvesting, use a photovoltaic panel as one of the energy resources for daily operational
  10. E-Plants, use an alternative electricity energy that came from the plant’s photosynthesis process as one of the enery resources for daily operational

interior stasiun


pedestrian 1


birdeye 2

From that various idea, Djehovan also make the branding for MRT Station. Named PADURAKSA. The words “PADURAKSA” it self taken from the sancrit that has the meaning of “GATE“, a connector between area in a building. The meaning itself synergistic and closely related to the function of Lebak Bulus MRT Station as an integrated tranportation gateway that connecting  Jakarta with suburb areas. The tagline “GATEWAY TO THE FUTURE LIVING” is a goal for the vission and mission of Lebak Bulus MRT Station. Create a mode of mass transportation that make Jakarta and surrounding be better place in the future.


stasiun 7



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