An Architecture Competition initiated by IAI Jakarta and BONE City Government, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The aim is to design an Open Space in Lapangan Merdeka, Taman Bunga and Tana Bangkala’E, South Sulawesi.





There are many issue on the existing site, they are :

  1. uncoordinate food truck in the Lapangan Merdeka and leaves a lot of trash
  2. illegal parking disrupt traffic flow
  3. lack of hardscape in the main square.

Beside that issue, Djehovan found the potential of this area. There are :

  1. Arung Palakka statue be the local characteristic of Bone
  2. Night market around in Tana Bangkala’E used as magnet for the local and foreign tourist
  3. Lapangan Merdeka used as musical and art event.




Based on that issue and potential, Djehovan designing an open space that harmonize the need for Open Green Space with function as well as the Historical value of peoples behavior. There are 3 main concept for this design approach :

  1. The History Connecting, 3 area (Lapangan Merdeka,Taman Bunga and Tana Bangkala’E) will be connecting on the process of story telling the history of BONE.
  2. History Point as a Landmark, create Arung Palakka statue as well as historical landmark for BONE. The value of history as a city landmark will create a characteristics and as a form of 3 dimensionally buzzing to local and foreign tourist.
  3. Dialog With the Logos, use logo as the icon to reinforce the brand identity of this site as well as dialogue with public and tourists, adapted from the elements of the local city of BONE.

These ideas are implemented into design approach to create an atmosphere of Open Space with a strong local elements city of BONE.









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