An Architecture Competition initiated by ARCH2O titled NEXT 7. The competition is to envision the Next- by conceiving of a proposed [set of] condition which is fundamentally different from the present. The future is going to be different. How so, for this competition is completely plastic, and specify at least one MAJOR difference that makes the future in which the competition is set, unique from the present day.

From that brief, Djehovan come up with an idea based on social issue that happened in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.




Jakarta is a city with the highest population in Indonesia. Jakarta’s population in 2014 is reaching 28 million with only 661,52 kmarea. This conditions caused too many problems, one of them is a polluted river. Ciliwung river as an example. It is the biggest and longest yet the most contaminated river in Jakarta. The riverbank of Ciliwung is majority populated with the slums. So, no wonder the river is highly contaminated with the waste from industry and household garbage. The yearly main problem that occured is flood. With the lack of absorptions area and the pile of garbage along the riverbank no wonder if the disaster occur. Beside the flood, the soil erosion also endanger the habitation along the river. Those disaster has taken so many victims until now on.  The population along the Ciliwung riverbank having a very low health rate. They are having a difficult acces to a proper water to drink, wash their body and clothes. They are using a water from the contaminated river. It caused too many disease affect the populations there.



THE MOTHER NATURE, is a project to process dan purifies the water from Ciliwung River and vertically transfers the slum area along the riverbank into a better place. We call that place “Kampung” because people lived there will have a better living and can do many activities just like when they were in their ‘kampung halaman’ (Indonesian phrase for hometown wich usually located far away from the city). They can do a farming and harvesting each month to feed themself or sell it. They can have an interaction among others just like a normal neighborhood. The most important is they can produce clear water and electricity that can be used daily. The Mother Nature is also equipped  with giant water filtration and a technology to convert solar, wind, and plant anergy to an electricity. It is a sustainable energy.




We can separate the process of water purifying into 4 steps. First step is separating water from the waste that contaminated it. We can process the waste into a fertilizer to fertilize the area along the river. Second step is separating the water from the mud naturally with the help of Eceng Gondok ( Eichhornia Crassipes ), a kind of waterplant. Third step is sterilizing the water from any kind of bacteria then adding minerals into it, so the water is ready to use for daily needs. And the last step is waste water treatment. Water that had been used from daily uses such as cooking, bath, washing, watering the plants and trees even flushing toilets, going into the waste water treatment to be treated, sedimented and disinfected before flowing down, back to the river to flow to the ocean.

In the development, THE MOTHER NATURE will be devided into 4 phase :

  1. First phase, deciding the module point based on site integration. The Zone per each point will have a radius up to 3 km away. At this phase THE MOTHER NATURE can accomodate the whole population along the Ciliwung riverbank so that we can free the area from anything that will obstruct the absorption. This area clearing is also intend to do the next phase. People who live at THE MOTHER NATURE will be provided with proper water as the result of the giant water filter and also electricity.
  2. At the second phase, the manufacture of embankment along the Ciliwung riverbank will be done. This embankment can be called “a Breathing Sponge” because of its ability to conserve the oxygen in the water also to be place for growing any plants to avoid a soil erotion and buit an ecosystem along the riverbank.
  3. The third phase of this concept is creating a green open space along the Ciliwung riverbank 20 m away from the river edge. This open space will be used as an air pollutant filtration and also as the habitat for the living ecosystem. At this phase, the water from rain or the river itself will be saved and proceed for the daily needs. The community who lived at THE MOTHER NATURE will gain the electricity from the vegetation around this space.
  4. The last phase, which will be done at the critical situation where Jakarta will be fully drown because of the soil degradation and global warming. The population who lived on the land will be moved to the upside, to THE MOTHER NATURE. Each of THE MOTHER NATURE module will be connected to other so that the living activities will be done continually.




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