An Architecture competition initiated by ONDULINE, roofing company that’s very concerned in Sustainability Design. Titled “ONDULINE Green Roof Award“, the aim is to design roofing for space (house, office etc.) in a tropical climate so that air circulation and natural lighting can be treated properly.


original_544144_spuxumsf83coboo9l_mczttdz - Copy


Djehovan found an idea when he see the social issues in Jakarta about children living on the street with lack of education but have to work to get food by begging. According to the census, children who living on the street in Indonesia reached 154,000 lives and continue to grow until now, 70% of those in need of shelter and education.

Based on that issue, Djehovan designed a shelter for street childreen that can be used as place for living and study. This building has knockdown structure and build as stages so can be placed anywhere (portable). The design of the roof adapted from the shape of “Gunungan” (javanesse language means mountain) from the Shadow puppet. This form (prism) are very effective in responding to climate change as well as the concept of the wall (breathing wall) who could carry out the incoming air maximally. Overall material used is a recycled material except for the roofing (used ONDULINE product).

This building is planned to be placed at some point in Jakarta and accompanied and managed by non-profit institutions that will do teaching and learning activities.



original_544144_tuccsl6nqubu6yw4gf4pw3fbp - Copy

original_544144_3iasxwbrjouyirntvgxk3ur3k - Copy


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